How Make A Fifi

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How To Make A Fifi

Although erotic stores continue to operate online and physical stores are gradually opening up, it is worth being prepared in case the restrictions due to the coronavirus are aggravated.

Whether or not there is a restriction in movement, knowing how to keep your sexual life active in and out of season is worth learning.

Hence, we have made a compilation of how to satisfy your sexual cravings by making a homemade masturbator.

Benefit Of Learning How To Make A Fifi

Yes, we know that the quickest and easiest thing would be to assume that your partner can satisfy all of your sex needs at such times, or you may want to settle with fondling your sensitive parts with your hands.

But wouldn’t it be better if you can make your masturbator from simple materials?

Similarly, if you yearn for more pleasure than a handjob can provide but you do not have money to spend on a fleshlight or similar sex toys, then knowing how to make one temporarily can make a huge difference in your sex life.

Reasons Why You Would Want To Make A Fifi

Consider these scenarios: 

  • You are far from home. The idea of ​​using your hand to please yourself just isn’t appealing, and your favorite fleshlight is hidden in your bedroom, impossible to get your hands on.
  • Or right now, you’re going through a financially lean period and can’t afford to buy a fleshlight.
  • Or, you are a curious DIY type of person, and you like the idea of ​​making a homemade sex toy.

If any of the descriptions above depicts what situation you are in, then a homemade masturbator could be the perfect solution for you.

However, we warn you, as a homemade fleshlight will not give you the exact same pleasures as a good old fleshlight bought in a sex shop or on the internet. Still it can fulfill your present sex needs.

That said, there are tons of videos on the net that demonstrate how to make a masturbator for yourself. However, because there are so many of them, it might be challenging to know which method will best suit you.

Hence it is better to learn the intricate details by yourself as we have outlined below.

How to make a ‘Fifi’ or Folded towel masturbator

Making a Fifi requires only three everyday items that you can acquire from an online or physical store.

They are: 

  • a small towel (ski towel dedication)
  • a latex glove
  • Petroleum jelly vaseline or Creamy baby oil

Follow These Steps to Make a Fifi


Spread out the towel on a flat surface, as seen below.


Place a latex glove on one end of the towel and fold the towel over the latex glove, with the cuff suspended from one end of the towel.


Take the end of the cuff from the glove, and stretch it. Until it fits over one end of the towel, creating a hollow space through the latex glove.


Finally, lubricate the hollow areas of the latex by adding a petroleum jelly vaseline or a creamy baby oil.


Here are other things to help you understand the process of making a homemade sex toy:

      • Lubricants. Before making a homemade pussy, don’t forget that you are going to need lubricant. Remember that this pussy is not real; therefore, it will not create fluids.

Unless you’re a crafty engineer making such a wild contraption. But in reality, no artificial vagina has its lubrication, so be sure to increase the lubricant.

      • Go for latex dental gloves. Most of the ways to make a homemade pussy require latex gloves. Now, this is not bad. However, they are generally too short for full penetration, and they can rip and mess, so it is better to opt for latex dental gloves.

Not only are they softer, but they are also more durable. Or you can also use an XL condom.

      • Pay attention to the temperature. You don’t usually have sex with a cold pussy, so you’re going to have to make sure the homemade pussy is a little warm, as this gives it a more realistic feel.

But how do you do that? Well, you can warm up your lube, place the towels (before you use them) in warm water, or, if possible, microwave the homemade pussy.

      • Do it hands-free. Sometimes you don’t want to use your hands; instead, you just want to be able to reach an orgasm hands-free, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Now you can improvise and create a hands-free device by placing your homemade Fifi on a stack of towels or a low shelf. But be careful not to hurt yourself.

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Due enjoyment of sexual gratification is part of healthy living.

A Fifi ensures that you can afford this no matter your circumstance because it is easy to make and doesn’t require things beyond your reach.

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