How To
How To Make a Pocket Pussy

Learn how to make a pocket pussy with these simple to-do DIY homemade pocket pussy tutorials. In this article, you'll discover how effortless it is to make ...

Pringles Can Fleshlight

Pringles Can Fleshlight Pringles can DIY fleshlight is a pretty simple homemade pocket pussy that can be made within a few minutes. You'll learn today. ...

How to Buy a Pocket Pussy

How to Buy a Pocket Pussy Buying a pocket pussy on is pretty simple to do and won't take you too much effort to complete. Our buying ...

Towel and glove fleshlight

Towel and glove fleshlight A few simple stuff that you may find in your bathroom can make you a towel and glove fleshlight within mins. Making a ...

Prison pocket pussy

Prison Pocket Pussy A prison pocket pussy sure does comes in handy when your lockup and can't get any real vagina to penetrate. This type of method for ...

Towel Pocket Pussy

Towel Pocket Pussy This easy-to-do DIY towel pocket pussy can come in handy when you don't have the real pocket pussy to masturbate with. What you'll ...

Sock Pocket Pussy

Sock Pocket Pussy Reaching for your sock to make a pocket pussy is an easy way to access better masturbation.  This DIY sock pocket pussy is very ...

How To Warm Up a Pocket Pussy

How To Warm Up a Pocket Pussy Warming up your pocket pussy is a no-brainer because I'm sure you won't enjoy penetrating a cold pussy. Having a warm wet ...

DIY Beer Cup Fleshlight

DIY Beer Cup Fleshlight This is a pretty simple homemade beer cup fleshlight pocket pussy for when you're really on a tight budget and just need something ...

Plastic Bottle Pocket Pussy

Plastic Bottle Pocket Pussy This DIY plastic bottle pocket pussy is a simple homemade fleshlight to make that doesn't take any effort to make. If you're ...

Toilet Paper Pocket Pussy

Toilet Paper Pocket Pussy You can make your very own cheap inexpensive fleshlight masturbator from your daily household items. This simple DIY trick ...

Banana Pocket Pussy

Banana Pocket Pussy DIY Can you make a pocket pussy with a banana? Yes, you can! I'll show you how to do this simple homemade DIY banana pocket pussy hack. ...


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