Pringles Can Fleshlight

Pringles Can Fleshlight

Pringles can DIY fleshlight is a pretty simple homemade pocket pussy that can be made within a few minutes.

You’ll learn today. How you can transform a simple pringles can into a male masturbater for more simulating masturbation at home.

What is a pringles can fleshlight?

A pringles can fleshlight is a homemade fleshlight/pocket pussy. That is made with a pringles can, sponges, toil paper, latex glove, and a rubber band.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 Pringles can
  • 1 Latex glove
  • 2 Sponges
  • Toil paper
  • 1 Rubber band
  • 1 Lube

Step by steps guide

Follow these simple step by steps guides, and you’ll have your very own homemade pringles fleshlight in your hands.

Step 1.

Stuff toilet paper halfway into the Pringles can.

Step 2.

Place two sponges together with the glove in the middle. ( Make sure that the glove cuff is hanging out)

Step 3.

Place the two sponges in the Pringles can with the glove in the middle. “leave the cuff of the glove hanging out.”

Step 4.

Wrap the cuff of the glove over the top of the pringles can.

Step 5.

Place a rubber band over the glove to secure the glove on the pringles can.

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