What is a Fleshlight

what is a fleshlight

Fleshlight: The Masturbator to Take Everywhere?

Fleshlight promises nothing less than high-quality solo fun. Fleshlight products are incredibly exciting and fun to use, as they provide the same level of pleasure, whimsy, and excitement as when you are in bed with a partner.

This product comes with a leaflet showing the brand’s catalog, as well as a small sachet of water-based Fleshlube (lubricant).

At first glance, the dimples all over the Fleshlight Flight’s body (like a golf ball) gives it a unique feel unlike any other.

There are a lot of other things to discover concerning the Fleshlight, and here they are:

How does it work?

The Fleshlight Flight is easy and convenient to use, either when you’re using it for the very first time with a branded sex toy or if you have lots of experience using it.

  1.  To begin with, make sure that the above mentioned Fleshlube is applied to your penis and into the sheath. Then, carefully insert your organ into the Flight.

2. Keep in mind that there is a plug that controls the suction. And it can be adjusted at any time on the back of the unit.

3. This suction is stronger if the cap is closed. Conversely, the suction becomes weaker when the cap is opened.

4. The truth, however, is that users still prefer to have the lid completely closed. In this way, the impact inside the Flight is much more pronounced.

5. Obviously, after each use of the product, the interior must be cleaned to ensure maximum hygiene.

How To Maintain Your Fleshlight Masturbator

The mere thought that you have private parts of your body in contact with the masturbator should provide enough motivation to keep it clean and in good condition.

  1. To do this: the sheath must first be removed and rinsed thoroughly. It should be done for about 15 to 30 seconds with soap and hot water before allowing the moisture to dry.

The same goes for the housing and the suction cover; make sure that no part is spared and everything is perfectly clean.

  1. The inner sheath is usually tacky to the touch during drying. What you need to do now is apply cornmeal (or a suitable powder) sparingly and wash off the product as carefully as possible until the stickiness is completely removed.
  1. While there is nothing wrong with using sex toys as a couple, precautions should be taken to ensure hygiene and safety. One of them is knowing the status of the partner you are sharing your sex toy with.
  1. During intense and more vigorous orgasms, the user should be wary of the possibility of contracting STDs. However, by keeping your fleshlight clean after each use, this can be prevented.

Benefits of Fleshlight Flight

  • Fleshlight will always remain one of the most used sex toys globally, as they are popularly known for improved handling because they have a better grip.
  • Users like the fact that the Flight’s case is not only thinner but also lighter than a regular fleshlight, making it incredibly comfortable to handle. The Superskin sleeve provides a pleasant and realistic feeling as usual.
  • The temperature of the sleeve can be increased by immersing it in hot or lukewarm water, thus creating an even more “realistic” experience.
  • Another benefit is that water-based lubricants are mostly added to a fleshlight during sex, making it easy for a cock to glide through.

Disadvantages of Fleshlight Flight

  • Some users have said that fleshlight toys are big, thereby undermining the satisfaction one would have had if the opposite had been the case.
  • A few Fleshlight users preferred that the bumpy texture stopped at about a third and didn’t go any further down the length of the internal channel.
  • Some users have said that the stimulation that occurs is not distributed evenly in all areas of the penis, as it is limited only to the lower region, while others enjoy this very feature of the fleshlight.


Fleshlight products are renowned for their quality and the pleasant experience they provide. The same toy might be the right match for someone and yet be not so perfect for the other, but that does not make it ineffective.

Finding the one that best suits your penis is what is most important.

The Flight is a leap forward for this product line, and while the build quality is a bit clunky, considering its current price point, we’ll say it’s worth having.

We also would recommend this product to people who travel a lot and want to have something to keep themselves entertained at all times.

Other than that, if budget isn’t an issue, we recommend investing in a better fleshlight sex toy- like the automated Fleshlight Launch.

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