PDX Elite Moto Bator 2


The PDX Elite Moto Bator 2does it all. Thrusting, suction, vibrating, and more. You’re going to love this amazing toy.

  • Rechargeable
  • Multi-functions
  • Varying suction strength
  • Vibrating toy
  • Thrusting action
  • Over 9 inches in length
  • Easy to clean
  • Vaginal opening


PDX Elite Moto Bator 2

Oh, man…are you ready for pleasure? We hope so because the PDX Elite Moto Bator 2 does it all. First things first, a handy USB cord lets you charge the unit up and comes with your package. Once it’s charged up and ready to go, you better be too, because you will not believe how cool this is.

Sucking, thrusting, vibrating…the sensations are never-ending and delightful. Choose one at a time or mix and match them.

PDX Elite Moto Bator 2 at work


Customize Setting

Customize the feel and have a different experience every time you get your rocks off. You’ll love the adaptability of this amazing sex toy. Use all three settings for a fevered pitch and hold on tight!


We recommend using a water-based lube for the best experience and don’t forget to clean out this goodie when you’re finished by running hot, soapy water through it, or use a good toy cleaner.

While you can clean it out with water, it’s not meant to be used in the shower, tub, or pool. Oh yeah, and did we mention it comes with three cock rings, too?

The Power

While the unit itself is over 9 inches long, the penetration length is just about 5 inches, but you’ll love what is in the extra space since they powered it with awesome.

So, what are your plans this weekend? You might want to cancel because when you feel what this can do, you’ll be happy to stay in, all weekend long.

What’s Next?

Yep, there’s more. We forgot to tell you about the amazing textured channel. That’s right when you slide your cock deep inside, it’s going to grip you and pleasure you to bits and pieces. The textured sensation adds to the fun, along with the realistic feel of the pussy opening.

It comes with a smooth black casing, an imprinted logo, and a clear molded pussy for all your pleasuring needs. The tube slips out easily for cleaning, so no excuses. Clean it out well when you’re finished. A clean toy is a happy toy.

This affordable and highly functioning PDX Elite Moto Bator 2 will have you whistling with pleasure. In fact, it may be hard to put it down, but don’t worry, it’s ready to go again when you are.

Let’s recap. The PDX Elite Moto Bator 2 is a 9” barrel of fun, with a 5” penetrable core. To charge it up, simply plug in the USB cord that we’ve supplied for you, and you’ll be good to go.

The settings are super-awesome-suction, vibrating thrills and chills, and amazing thrusting action. Mix up the settings or do them one at a time. Or, start one by one, building up the intensity as you go.

You’re only limited by your imagination. Lastly, don’t forget that three silicone cock rings are included, and the inner channel is textured for intense pleasure.

What are you waiting for? Seriously? The time is now, my friend. This will make your boring nights and weekend that much better. You’ll love what this PDX Elite Moto Bator 2 can do.

Close your eyes, fantasize away and get lost in the intensity of pure perfection. No more sleepless nights, or boring quickie lotion handjobs.

You’ve got the PDX Elite Moto Bator 2 to do the job now, and once you realize what you’ve been missing, it’s all you’re going to need. Give your hand a rest and let the toy do the job.

Specification: PDX Elite Moto Bator 2



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