Katrina Jade Main Squeeze ULTRASKYN Stroker


Looking for a new, hot sex toy? Check out the Katrina Jade Main Squeeze Ultraskyn Stroker.

  • Offers over 7+ inches of penetration
  • Ultraskyn’s hyper-realistic feel
  • Removable bottom controls suction
  • Squeezable increases grip and friction
  • Easy to use the hand-held unit, self-contained
  • Internal texture with nubs and grippy feel
  • Easy to clean with soap and water


katrina jade

Katrina Jade Main Squeeze ULTRASKYN Stroker

The Katrina Jade Main Squeeze Ultraskyn Stroker is ready to be your lover this weekend. No need to fret, give yourself a special treat, and pick up a pleasure toy that will have you wishing you’d grabbed one sooner.
Speaking of grip, this easy to hold unit is a blast to use.

Squeeze it to increase the grip and friction on your cock and adjust the bottom cap if you want to change up the suction. You can change up the sensation quickly and easily, giving it different feel each time you use it.

One of the things you’ll love is the chamber offers a full 7.5 inches of penetration. Stroke away, because she can take all you’ve got to give her.

The Katrina Jade Main Squeeze Ultraskyn Stroker is also made with Doc Johnson’s Ultraskyn material. That means it’s silky soft and lifelike, which enhances the sensation of the stroke.

Be sure to use extra lube, as she’s tight. It’s highly recommended you choose water-based lube over silicone lube to keep the material in the best shape. Also, be sure to clean it out with soap and water after use, or with a toy cleaner, and let dry thoroughly before putting it away.

Who is Katrina Jade?

Katrina Jade is an American porn star. She hails from California and teases with her long dark hair and dark eyes. She jumped into the porn industry at 23 years old and started with Kink.com.

She’s been nominated for multiple adult actress awards and won for her parts in The Switch and Orgy Masters 8.

At 5’3” she’s estimated to weigh in around 120 pounds, and her curvy figure is a fan favorite. She was married when she got involved in the film industry, and it’s stated that her husband helped pick out her stage name.

The Katrina Jade Main Squeeze Ultraskyn Stroker

You’ll love the easy-grip black casing of the stroker, which makes for a comfortable hold. Let’s face it, nobody needs an awkward grip, and they kept simplicity in mind.

With the easy to open bottom cap, you can adjust the suction, and with a simple squeeze, you’re in control of the friction and grip on your cock.

This is a sure bet, and at an affordable price, one you don’t want to miss out on. Grab your Katrina Jade Main Squeeze Ultraskyn Stroker so you can enjoy this beauty this weekend.

Doc Johnson’s Ultraskyn material is a delight, and a crowd favorite. It’s because it has a precise and lifelike skin feel, soft and silky. And guys, this one is tight.

You like it tight, right? Oh yeah, well, you’ll want to have plenty of lube handy for the stroking action. The Katrina Jade Main Squeeze Ultraskyn Stroker is open for pleasure.

This toy is handy with discrete black casing, and the perfect size to throw in your bag for your next business trip or weekend getaway. Easy to use.

Easy to clean. Easy to get penetrate nice and deep, while lost in your fantasies. Picture her sweet body right in front of you.

Close your eyes and feel how tight and hot she is. The Katrina Jade Main Squeeze Ultraskyn Stroker is the perfect choice for simplified fun.

Specification: Katrina Jade Main Squeeze ULTRASKYN Stroker



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