Types of Pocket Pussies

Types of Pocket Pussies

Types of Pocket Pussies

With new improvement, you now have a wide range of pocket pussies to choose from for that ultimate masturbation.

Below you’ll find 8 different kinds of pocket pussy that are on the market.


Life-like material that gives the pocket pussy that realistic feeling of a real vagina.

With a realistic pocket pussy you can experience the most intense sexual pleasure.


Open-end pocket pussies come with two holes and are much easier to clean.


Closed-end pocket pussies have a roadblock at the end but can be stretched out with your penis and stimulate the head of your penis.

Balls Deep

The balls deep pocket pussy will give you that extra-long tunnel for deeper penetration.


Having your penis massage during your stroking can give you better stimulation, which will lead to a stronger climax.


Keep your pocket pussy hidden where no one can tell what it is from the outside.

A discreet pocket pussy is a safe choice to go for if you don’t have much privacy and you would like to keep things private. 

Have your pocket pussy hidden in plain sight without the need to worry about someone knowing what it is without seeing the inside.

Molded From Pornstar

Most popular female pornstars have their vagina molded to give the exact look and feel of their vagina.

Pocket pussies that are molded directly from your favorite pornstar will make your masturbation much pleasurable while watching her porn videos.

This type of artificial vagina has brought fake pussy to a whole new level of fantasy sex.

Double Side

The double side masturbator provides you with a pussy on one side and an ass on the other side.

With a double side pocket pussy, you have the option to either stroker the pussy or go anal if you feel fetish for some anal action.

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