LoveBotz Flicking Tongue Masturbator

  • Multiple settings with 3 speeds
  • 4 separate functions
  • Vibrating
  • USB Rechargeable unit
  • Lifelike feel
  • Top twists off for multiple uses
  • Phthalate and ABS plastic-free


LoveBotz Flicking Tongue Masturbator

The LoveBotz Flicking Tongue Masturbator is an easy to hold unit that’s going to blow your mind, and your load. This amazing unit will let you happily stroke while getting licked and flicked by a tongue that has a lifelike skin feel. 

Want to know the coolest part? You can detach that top piece and use it separately too. That means you can enjoy some rimming action or use it on your partner. 

The toy itself is over 8 inches long and 3.2 inches wide. You’ll get about four inches of penetration before the tongue starts flicking away, increasing your pleasure 10x. 

Just a word of warning, avoid silicone lube and toys in connection with this, as it may damage the product. So, if you’re grabbing some lube, aim for water-based lube for the best bet. 

We really love that it’s got so many different variables. Different speed settings, different functions, different ways to use it…and oh, so pleasurable.

 Go on and fantasize about how good it will feel, but don’t wait too long. Be sure to order it today so you can feel the real thing in person. This is one toy you don’t want to miss out on. Your dick will thank you. 

And if you’re looking for some extra stimulation, you’ll love the rimming action you can get from the tongue section once it’s detached. Each piece can be operated separately, so go on and double your pleasure. 

Let’s Talk Licks and Flicks

Do you like it slow and tantalizing, or fast and euphoric? Either way, speed it up or slow it down. Mix up the settings and enjoy the different feels. 

Close your eyes and get lost in the sensation. This easy to hold toy has a casing that you can grip, without worrying about fumbling it. 

A lot of thought was put into this one, and LoveBotz got it right. Let your lover have fun with the tongue flicking action. No need to get greedy. Share the pleasure with some mutual masturbation, or give her some rimming love while you’re taking care of business. 

When it comes to specs, remember to keep the size in mind. You’ll get about four inches of penetration length before the tongue action reaches you. If you prefer something a little deeper, twist off the top section.

The tongue section mimics the feel of soft flesh, so it’s just like the real thing. Are you ready to give it a try? And remember, use water-based lubes only, so you don’t damage your new toy! 

If you’re tired of lonely weekends or your hand, give the LoveBotz Flicking Tongue Masturbator a try for a change of pace. It offers you pleasure at an affordable price and sensations that range in speed and variation. 

Remember, this isn’t simply one toy, it’s got multiple uses, functions, and speeds, so every experience can be a little different than the last. 

The LoveBotz Flicking Tongue Masturbator is one to add to your wish list. It’s easy to use, feels great, and won’t flatten your wallet. Be sure to order yours today, so you don’t have to spend another blah weeknight with nothing but your hand and a bottle of lotion.

 There are better things out there worth your time and money, and the LoveBotz Flicking Tongue Masturbator is one sexy toy worth checking out. 

And due to the size, it’s easy to stash away discretely. A quick shove in your drawer and your privacy is guaranteed! 

Specification: LoveBotz Flicking Tongue Masturbator



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