Layna Boo Main Squeeze Ultraskyn Stroker


Doc Johnson products are always a sure bet, and you’ll love the Layna Boo Main Squeeze Ultraskyn Stroker. Let’s take a closer look at what it offers.

  • twist hand-held unit
  • 7 inches of penetration
  • removable bottom cap to control the suction
  • Ultraskyn’s lifelike feel
  • nubby and grippy
  • squeeze for increased grip
  • squeeze for more friction
  • easy to clean
  • black case (discrete)


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Layna Boo Main Squeeze Ultraskyn Stroker

When you want a quickie that isn’t your hand, the Layna Boo Main Squeeze Ultraskyn Stroker is up for the job. With a black case and an easy to squeeze grip, you’ll be adjusting the friction for the perfect stroke. 

After you lube up and slide in, you’ll love the nubs of the sleeve that will massage your cock. The textured feel heightens the pleasure, and the super-soft skin-like feel of Ultraskyn will have you humming. 

Want more suction? You’ll appreciate that the bottom cap is removable, which means you control how much suction there is. A simple twistable handheld unit makes for an easy squeeze. You’ll be getting your rocks off in no time at all. 

The incredible grip will hold you tight, so make sure you’ve got plenty of water-based lube handy. And when you’re finished, don’t forget to clean your toy with soap and water. 

Let it thoroughly dry before putting it away, so that next time you grab for your Layna Boo Main Squeeze Ultraskyn Stroker, and you will, it will be nice and clean.

About Layna Boo

Layna Boo is a social media star with a massive following. She’s known for her Instagram account where she regularly posts sexy pictures in tiny, bathing suits, fitness shots, and other images showcasing her stellar body.

 This blonde bombshell hails from Canada. If you haven’t checked out her Instagram account yet, you’re in for a treat. There’s plenty of goodness, and you’ll find both pics and video. She’s a crowd favorite with millions of fans.

Get Your Layna Boo Main Squeeze Ultraskyn Stroker, Today

One of the things you’ll love about the Layna Boo Main Squeeze Ultraskyn Stroker is that there’s over 7 inches of penetration available. In fact, 7.5 inches to be precise. 

The Layna Boo Main Squeeze Ultraskyn Stroker is also 3 inches wide, and just the right circumference to wrap your hand around it comfortably. 

Don’t forget, by squeezing the sex toy, you’ll increase the grip and friction making for a delicious, wild ride. Lube up, slide your cock in and she’s ready to go. 

When you’re finished, you’ll love that the casing is a nice discrete black. It’s easy to tuck away or put aside without standing out in some garish, bright, bold color. 

The special Ultraskyn material is super soft and silky, giving the unit a lifelike feel to make your stroking action extra enjoyable. Doc Johnson outdid themselves with their Ultraskyn material. 

When you’re ready to pick out something new and interesting for the weekend, why not give the Layna Boo Main Squeeze Ultraskyn Stroker a try? You’ll be glad you did. 

Easy to use, self-contained, and easy to clean. What more do you want? Oh, yeah, there’s that bit about intense grip, skin-like feel, and a tight pussy waiting for you. 

Nubby insides for extra pleasure, an easy to twist bottom cap that helps you adjust the suction, and even a simple grip can change the friction. 

This super, simplified toy has all the right bits and pieces to make you feel good, without being overly complicated. 

Layna Boo’s super soft pocket pussy is waiting for you.

Specification: Layna Boo Main Squeeze Ultraskyn Stroker



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