Dirty Talk Interactive Mini Fuck Me Silly Vibrating Masturbator


Looking for a more discrete version of the popular Dirty Talk Interactive Fuck Me Silly Masturbator? You’ll love the mini version, which will give you all the pleasure in a smaller package.

Enjoy great features like:

  • Hi-fi speakers, easy to recharge with a USB cord
  • The toy is motion activated
  • Great phrases that tell you how good you feel
  • Realistic, soft sensation
  • Their famous Fanta Flesh formula with a lifelike feel
  • You’ll love the two orifices (pussy and ass)
  • Sultry, sexy voice


Dirty Talk Interactive Mini Fuck Me Silly Masturbator

The Dirty Talk Interactive Mini Fuck Me Silly is a perfect discrete size for your pleasuring needs. Enjoy a good romp, then easily store it out of the way. With a great batch of sexy phrases, you’ll love the range or gasps, moans, and dirty talk. She’ll talk to you as you thrust into her, coaxing you to a mind-blowing orgasm. 

Know what’s amazing? The Fanta Flesh formula of our products has a really nice, lifelike feel. You’ll love running your hand over her ass cheeks, as you do the dirty. The sweet sensation of her tight holes will have you coming back for more, time and time again. 

Not only that, with two holes, you’ve got plenty of action to choose from. And, with touch activation technology, it means the toy knows when you’re going at it, and kicks into gear. You’ll fire her up with your touch, and drive home your point with a good, hard thrust. She’s waiting for you to fill her up. 

Don’t you hate when a lover just lays there all quiet? Snooze. Right? No worries with this toy, you’ll hear the sexy phrases that light up your ass, and keep you going. She’ll tell you how good you feel, and how much she enjoys it.

The Dirty Talk Interactive Mini Fuck Me Silly Masturbator feeds and fuels the fantasy with all sorts of dirty phrases. 

As for the charge, it lasts a good two hours. You’ll want to plug it in with a USB charger for about 90 minutes. You’ll have plenty of time to play and get your rocks off with a solid two hours of time before you’ll need to plug it back in. 

What else can you expect from the toy? 

Dirty Talk at its Best

One of the great things you’ll notice about the Dirty Talk Interactive Mini Fuck Me Silly Masturbator is its size. While there are other, larger versions, this one is great and easy to tuck away if company is coming over. 

It sits just under 4 inches high and is over 6 inches in length. As for width, you’re looking at 5.5 inches. It gets the job done, without needing to take up too much space. 

When cleaning your toy, use hot, soapy water or a good toy cleaning foam or cleanser. It’s important to keep it clean for both hygienic reasons, and so that it lasts and stays in good condition.

 Also, it’s important to point out that you’ll want to take out the speakers before washing it because they aren’t waterproof and you don’t want to ruin them. 

Lastly, don’t put it away until it’s completely dried. It’s important for the proper care of the material and to keep it clean. 

When you’re ready to enjoy a discrete, but a hot sex toy, be sure to pick up your Dirty Talk Interactive Mini Fuck Me Silly Masturbator. 

We’re talking about affordability, a hot piece of ass, and the chance to have two sweet holes to fill. And don’t forget, she’ll tell you how awesome you feel along with a lot of other great sexy phrases. 

Specification: Dirty Talk Interactive Mini Fuck Me Silly Vibrating Masturbator



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