Viking Barbie
Name:Viking Barbie
Birth Date:October 22, 1985
Age:[[show-my-age birthday="10/22/1985"]] Years Old
Net Worth:Between 1 Million - 3 Million (Estimated)
Place Of Birth:San Antonio, Texas, US


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Viking Barbie

An internet hottie extraordinaire, with many followers online that are in awe at her jaw-dropping pictures, Viking Barbie breaks the boundaries of just being an Instagram influencer but has used her skills to ensure that she is musically recognized. 

Though popularly known as Viking Barbie, Kayleigh Swenson has transformed herself from an outcast to a vixen who makes men lust at her alluring pictures and women want to be her. 

This beauty born in San Antonia, Texas has proven herself to be a survivor, surpassing many struggles in life which makes her an inspiration to many. 

Born in 1986, this [[show-my-age birthday=”10/22/1985″]]-year-old has proven that she can chart her own path, creating a career from being a model to a credible musician.

Sexy Model

At 5 feet and 10 inches, Viking Barbie has shared with the public that growing up, she was always interested in lifestyle and fashion. 

She has always had a slender figure and is well known for her blue eyes and blonde hair.

Having almost 2 million followers on Instagram, her social media platform keeps growing every day due to her sexy pictures which can be a bit raunchy at times. 

She was able to transform this interest into a money-making venture. 

Though pictures of her can be easily found on various social media platforms, where she posts regularly, she has proven herself as a professional model as she has appeared on the cover of Playboy twice.


Even though there is no concrete evidence, internet sources have placed her net worth at half a million dollars. 

This could be due to the numerous endorsement deals garnered due to her popularity on Instagram and the sale of her music. 

She has also been featured in numerous magazines and this may possibly be another source of her income. 

Music Career

She is well known for her beautiful face, voluptuous figure, and strong personality, however, she is being hailed as a great musical artist. 

She has surpassed the expectations that many had of her, going far beyond the Instagram model in cementing her name in the world of music. 

Though she admits that it has been a struggle and there have been naysayers, she believes that she is just experiencing the tip of the iceberg and there is so much more to be achieved.

Her songs such as Shade of Grey and Blow Ya Mind (Succubus) can be found on Amazon Music and other music platforms. 

Her YouTube channel with over 16,000 followers also boasts videos for these singles.


She has also collaborated with artists such as Tech N9ne (All the Way to the Bank) and Bezz Believe & Keta (Dirtbag Baby). Her lyrical style and flair classifies her as a hip-hop artist. 

Infamous Tattoos

Her beautiful, flawless skin is not only great to admire because of its glow, but it is a canvas that displays many artistic creations. 

Viking Barbie’s tattoos are works of art that are not only pleasing to the eyes of fans, but they have also gained the attention of potential clients and/or agents. 

She owes this creatively intricate designs to the tattoo artist, Sergio Sanchez. His work or masterpiece is stunningly inked on her skin is his interpretation of the Seven Deadly Sins. 

If you have not heard of the Seven Deadly Sins, consider capital vices or cardinal sins that are linked to Christianity. 

Even though there is no biblical nexus to these sins as the Bible doesn’t mention them explicitly, they represent the immoral behavior displayed by mankind. 

The sins are pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony, and sloth. Viking Barbie wears an inked sleeve that represents the artist’s interpretation of these skins.

There is however a deep connection to why this beauty would have such a theme represented on her arm. 

Though she has a love for the Epics, the art is deeply rooted in representing the struggles that she has experienced in life, especially as it relates to mental health and those she has experienced due to fame and fortune. 

Obsession and excess are some of the things that she says she has struggled with. 

Well, overcoming addiction and alcohol abuse would be no easy feat. To her, these tattoos are reminders of the vices that have affected her achievement of ultimate success and her need to overcome them all. 

She is also adorned with other tattoos such as her infamous Daddy ink that is heartwarming. 

It is an homage to her father who was a famous wrestler, Robert Alexander “Jeep” Swenson Jr., demonstrating how much she loves and respects him. 

Her father also being an actor famous for playing Bane in an earlier Batman movie shows that she is not new to the wonders of fame. 

Her mother is model Erin Hillsman. Many may think that her fame was sure due to this, but she worked hard to create her own brand which continues to grow each day.

Personal Life

Though she has exposed her life through the numerous pictures that can be found of her online, not everything is known about Viking Barbie. 

What is however known is that her current boyfriend is Aaron Andrewoc. It is believed that he does not enjoy being in the spotlight and to fulfill his wishes Swenson does not post much about him on her social media platforms. 

Yet with what she does display about their relationship, it is easy to see how much in love with him she is, leaving many men jealous of what Aaron is seemingly enjoying.

 There are pictures of the two of them, but it is her captions that honors him, showing how much their love means to her.

Social media goddess, model ad musician, what can this vixen not conquer? There is so much more we will see of Viking Barbie in the future.



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