Dirty Talk Interactive Fuck Me Silly Masturbator

  • USB rechargeable speakers
  • hi-fi speakers
  • motion activated
  • tells you how good it feels
  • super-soft insides, realistic
  • proprietary Fanta Flesh formula (lifelike feel)
  • faster you go, naughtier she gets
  • dirty talk at its best
  • Touch activated technology
  • over 10 pounds, to stand up to your thrusting
  • 2 awesome, tight channels
  • moans and gasps, along with sultry, dirty phrases
  • embedded vibrator adds to the thrill with buzzing sensations
  • spankable and ready


Dirty Talk Interactive Fuck Me Silly

The Pipedream Extreme Toyz Dirty Talk Interactive Fuck Me Silly is a dream come true. If you love dirty talk and a lover who actually enjoys pleasure, you’ll love this toy. She moans, gasps, and has a cache of dirty phrases.

 In fact, the faster you move, the dirtier she gets. Nobody wants to make love to a silent movie. Thrust away, because she won’t disappoint. She’s got just the right words you’re looking for. 

Love a jiggly, spankable ass? With their proprietary Fanta Flesh Formula, you won’t go wrong. You’ll love the lifelike feel. The best part? The Dirty Talk Interactive Fuck Me Silly Masturbator is touch activated. It’s ready when you are. 

If you like dirty talk, you’ve found the toy of your dreams. The Dirty Talk Interactive Fuck Me Silly Masturbator will last as long as you do. With about a 2-hour lifespan after a solid 90-minute charge, she’s ready to tell you just how good you feel. Thrust harder, thrust faster, she wants it all.

Hope you weren’t looking for a quiet night of snuggling, because if so, you’ll be disappointed. On the other hand, if you love dirty, naughty goodness, you’re in for a treat. Don’t you love it when she gasps and moans? Yeah, you want her to be into just like you are. 

Thankfully, we’ve got the perfect answer. You’re going to love every moment of pleasure you get from the Dirty Talk Interactive Fuck Me Silly Masturbator.

Dirty Talk Technology

One of the things you’ll love about the Dirty Talk Interactive Fuck Me Silly Masturbator is the easy charging capabilities. Simply plug in the USB adaptor and in just over an hour or so, you’ll be ready to go. Easy. 

Convenient. Modern. The best part is that each charge should last about 2 hours. 

Need more specs? The product stands about 6 inches tall, is 8 inches wide, and is over 9 inches in length. The product weighs about 10 pounds, which means it has hefty weight behind it for those powerful thrusts you throw into her. 

It also comes with body lotion, toy cleaner, and a special powder that revives the Fanta Flesh feel of the lifelike skin.

What else do you need to know? 

Keep in mind, when you’re cleaning the Dirty Talk Interactive Fuck Me Silly Masturbator, you’ll want to be sure to remove the vibrator and speakers.

 They aren’t waterproof, while the rest of the unit is. Also, make sure it’s completely dry before replacing those pieces for the best results. 

Now that you know what this amazing toy is capable of, you’ll want to smash that buy button and grab one up for yourself. 

No more quiet nights with your hand. Forget that, nonsense. Go at it good, get feedback with delicious, naughty phrases and all the sexy, sultry noises you love to hear. 

Your hot date awaits. Finally, a way to fulfill your fantasies with lifelike feel, awesome dirty talk, and a solid weighted toy that can handle your thrusts. What are you waiting for? She’s ready to go. Your nights just got better. 

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